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• 6:00-6:20 - One-on-one help

Come ask questions, get help, squash bugs, hang out, etc. Bring code, ask questions and help others troubleshoot problems.

• 6:20-6:30 - Intro & Group Matters

Introductions and administrivia

• 6:30-7:00 - Parsing JSON in a type-safe way -- Andy Wortman

Andy will start with the basics of parsing and validating JSON -- strings, numbers, booleans -- and build up to case classes and other data structures by composing basic combinators. After building a basic custom parser by hand, he'll show you the must-know tools in the Play JSON toolbox -- the API methods you'll need for 95% of your day-to-day work.

• 7:00-7:10

Plan next meetup

• 7:10-8:00 - Hang out and hack

Stay and hack on your own project, or help someone out with their project. Make something awesome.