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Starting the Summer off right with Piece of Havana Heat
Fellow Charlotte Salsa Maniacs, this welcome to the 14 members who joined our ranks today, tells it all. Also as the Classic Soul song puts it: "if you don't know me by now, you will never never know me." So that for those of you who been with us. You know the drill. But for our newcomers the following tells the tale and for you veterans - a reminder of who we are. Welcome to the group Everyone. So glad you have found us. We will be at A Piece of Havana where we just plain old tear it up. If you don't have a clue as to what "I'm talking' bout." You don't have a problem with English language, we just got to raise your "cool" meter to a higher level. Ya dig. Don't answer that. I hope you get the picture, we are a fun loving inclusive group. When go out dancing it is a "no drama zone." We all get enough of that during the week. So the dance floor is our oasis in the wilderness, our safe haven, our home away from home, and we dance to live music, we enjoy each other's company, and we feast on the food and drinks to whatever extent suits each of us. We love dancing ... and when we do.. all is well in the world. Have I got your attention? Smile. Welcome to the group, we are delighted you are here, and our next venture to A Piece of Havana will be on Friday, June 22 rather than this Father's day weekend (June 15). We dance to a wonderful Iive band, with the help of two wonderful dancers, depending on which one is available (Malena and Bri) we teach a free dance class when the band finishes at 10 teaching Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and on occasion a little Kizomba and cha cha cha - depending on how we all feel, and what the people want. "You got to give the people; give them what they want." We have people of all levels in the class. Imagine when you were a kid on the playground, what level of play you could handle did not matter. Nobody said: 'You don't play right or well." Unless you was being bad. Haha. But only the bad we be is what Michael Jackson used to sing about: BADD. And that is GOOD. So you can be as BADD as you want to be on the dance floor, and 'I ain't mad at ya. " Do your thing, but do it with us. Now how's that for a welcome. As the young folk used to say: "Feel Me!" Welcome to The Charlotte Salsa Maniacs ( the name fits - smile). Muhammad Abdullah, the professor - the Cat in the Hat

A Piece of Havana

11126 S. Tryon Street · Charlotte, NC

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The group is dedicated to anyone that is seriously interested in learning and participating in Salsa Events. We organize boot camp, classes, and practice parties. We also take our Charlotte Salsa Maniacs Caravan to venues all over the Charlotte Scene. We bring the party. And we keep bringing it; again, and again, and again. Afterall, we are Salsa Maniacs. We have dancers of all levels, so beginners we love you, so come in, and join the group too. We only want you here if you can't live without salsa music.

Bringing people together, and bringing them together in a fashion where everyone benefits and there is mutual respect and joy, particularly through our mutual love for the dance, that is who we are. Well I have said more than I intended, but thank you for your love and support of dance.

Implicit in the love of dance is a love for people. So here we are. Let 's take this journey together. Let's get this party started.

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