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Salsa De Soul class course series begins on August 27

Abundant Life Creative Expressions Studio

2424 N. Davidson Rd Suite 110 · Charlotte, NC

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Near downtown Charlotte in the East Boulevard and South Street use free parking in building rear and enter studio - sign will be on the door

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August 20, 2013

Dear Dancers,

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure and great honor
to be the Latin dance instructor at LaTorres, Cosmos, RiRas, Salamander at
Morehead Café, Center Vibe (now Move Studio), the International House, A Piece
of Havana, at numerous Universities, restaurants, festivals, and in places all
along the East Coast, Puerto Rico, even in the Midwest. I have been blessed to have instructors from
Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela,
Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and of course many from the United States. It
has been a journey for which I am eternally grateful.

While I have been a performer and a competitor, my first
love besides just doing the dance with people who share a passion for the dance,
is teaching. I was born to teach. I served as a university professor for most
of my working life. I love to teach, especially beginners, for the gift of
dance is such a great gift, and it transforms one’s life.

I also love teaching those who already know how to dance
well, for I love to help them find their own voice in the dance. Let me be more specific.

You can often tell where someone has studied because they
dance like their teachers. This is not a bad thing. But, in my view, while I
hope you will find in my dancing something you want to imitate or model in your
dancing, what is more important to me is that
I help you to find your voice, your style, your personal expression.
How do we do this?

First you learn it, then you master it, then you make it
beautiful? These were the words, the
mantra from my Kung Fu Wu Su teacher in New York City, where I studied Shaolin
Kung Fu Wu Su. Learning it requires
being receptive. Mastering it requires understanding what you are learning and
practicing it until it is second nature. Meaning, you don’t have to think about
it. You just do it. Like walking; you have mastered it, so much so that you
don’t think about walking, you just walk to where you want to go. And making it
beautiful, that is where you make it beautiful to the eye, where the one looking at what you do, would say you make
it look so easy and graceful; so beautiful . That means you have made you stamp
on the dance; you have found your voice, your personal self-expression.

That is our goal, to make your body your instrument, so you
can play your music. Remember when you
get a musical instrument it is called an instrument. But, it is not an
instrument until you master it, then it is an instrument by which you can bring
forth your music.

That is what we are after with Salsa De Soul. When you see it, making it beautiful to me,
means making it look smooth (which is just part of the “cool” family). And when
you see two people doing it together, you will say that look so connected,
their dance so romantic, and they appear to love what they are doing and lost
in their own world. You will say their steps and movements are so clear, and they seem magical;
captivating, so ALIVE.

That is Salsa De Soul, and I am back to teaching classes as
a course of study, we did our first
series starting July 16th – August 13th we will resume this Tuesday, August 27, 2013.
The particulars are included
hereinafter. I hope you will join us.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor,


“the Professor, the Cat in the Hat”

Tuesday, August 27th,in addition to the A Piece of Havana
free class on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, I will be teaching a weekly class at a studioin the downtown East boulevard area. There is free parking, and the dance
studio has wonderful hardwood floors and a wall of mirrors. So we will really
able to do our work. The prices for the class are listed on the flyer: but here is a summary.

Per class $15.00

For entire five week course series of 5 classes: $60.00

Children (parent must discuss with me prior to enrolling)
$10 per class, or $40 for the 5 week session.

You will note that by doing the full course session (either
for Adult or child) you end up getting one class for free. I recommend you take the entire course of
study. Not only will you save money, you will get the full curriculum of the
five weeks which is designed to get you a great foundation, while we
simultaneously have a great time along the way.

I intend to put a cap on enrollment so I can
give attention to each student. So I recommend you indicate and secure your place in the class while spaces are still available. I hope you will join us.

Abundant Life Creative Expressions Studio 1800 Camden
Road Suite 203 Charlotte, NC 28203 Please call the center at 9704)[masked] or
email me at [masked] at [masked] (704)[masked]