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Salsa De Soul Last Class Series of the Year - Begins November 5


Dear Dancers,

We have successfully completed three class series, and I intended to stop until next year. But, by popular demand, we will be doing one last series of the year starting Tuesday, November 5. We have also added an intermediate level or level two class. This class will allow those who have begun to still continue their growth as dancers. In order to accommodate both classes (beginners and intermediates) we have two separate times and I have other instructors to assist me; although I will be the lead instructor for both classes. Having other instructors, makes it possible to give lots of individual attention. We want you to truly "get it."

The revised schedule is:

6:15 p.m - 7:15 pm. The beginner's class - Level 1

7:15 pm. - 8:15 pm. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level

Class Dates:

Tuesdays: Nov. 5, Nov 12, Nov19 Thanksgiving break, December 1 and December 8.

Level 2 dancers should be able to comfortable do a cross body lead with inside turn. That means, leaders should be able to properly lead such a turn, and followers should be able to properly follow the lead, and maintain their balance while doing the turn.

Level 2 will focus on musicality, footwork, partnership work with some patterns, proper leading, proper following; men and women's styling; and comfort with some of the styles of salsa such as Cuban, Africando, and Colombian.

As with all the levels, we will focus on connection; connection with yourself first (being fully present), with your partner, and with the music.

We will focus on how to interpret the music, create your own dance, and find your personal style or signature... your dance voice.

As a former professional musician and artist, I hope to give you a perspective on the dance, a window through which you can see the music in a way that most people miss.

While we come to the class with a teaching plan, we will make adjustments in accordance with who are the students in the class. We move at a pace that works for our students.

Also, if you start in level 1 and find you are better prepared than you thought, you can move to level 2 (at least within the first two weeks of the course).

In like fashion, if you find that level 2 is more than you bargain for, you can move to level 1 to firm up your foundation, so that you are not just taking a course, you are mastering the essential elements of the course..

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure and great honor
to be the Latin dance instructor at LaTorres, Cosmos, RiRas, Salamander at
Morehead Café, Center Vibe (now Move Studio), the International House, A Piece
of Havana, at numerous Universities, restaurants, festivals, and in places all
along the East Coast, Puerto Rico, even in the Midwest. I have been blessed to have instructors from
Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela,
Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and of course many from the United States. It
has been a journey for which I am eternally grateful.

While I have been a performer and a competitor, my first
love besides just doing the dance with people who share a passion for the dance,
is teaching. I was born to teach. I served as a university professor for most
of my working life. I love to teach, especially beginners, for the gift of
dance is such a great gift, and it transforms one’s life.

I also love teaching those who already know how to dance
well, for I love to help them find their own voice in the dance. Let me be more specific.

You can often tell where someone has studied because they
dance like their teachers. This is not a bad thing. But, in my view, while I
hope you will find in my dancing something you want to imitate or model in your
dancing, what is more important to me is that
I help you to find your voice, your style, your personal expression.
How do we do this?

First you learn it, then you master it, then you make it
beautiful? These were the words, the
mantra from my Kung Fu Wu Su teacher in New York City, where I studied Shaolin
Kung Fu Wu Su. Learning it requires
being receptive. Mastering it requires understanding what you are learning and
practicing it until it is second nature. Meaning, you don’t have to think about
it. You just do it. Like walking; you have mastered it, so much so that you
don’t think about walking, you just walk to where you want to go. And making it
beautiful, that is where you make it beautiful to the eye, where the one looking at what you do, would say you make
it look so easy and graceful; so beautiful . That means you have made you stamp
on the dance; you have found your voice, your personal self-expression.

That is our goal, to make your body your instrument, so you
can play your music. Remember when you
get a musical instrument it is called an instrument. But, it is not an
instrument until you master it, then it is an instrument by which you can bring
forth your music.

That is what we are after with Salsa De Soul. When you see it, making it beautiful to me,
means making it look smooth (which is just part of the “cool” family). And when
you see two people doing it together, you will say that look so connected,
their dance so romantic, and they appear to love what they are doing and lost
in their own world. You will say their steps and movements are so clear, and they seem magical;
captivating, so ALIVE.

We meet at the Abundant Life studio which is near the corner of East and South Boulevard in the Southend area of Charlotte near Downtown and Dilworth area. When you come to the corner of East and South, go west one block on east, and that will bring you to the corner of East and Camden Road. Our building is on the corner, but drive across Camden and enter the driveway on your left immediately behind the building; it will be labeled the Design Center. Turn in there and come around to your left and park behind the building. You will see our sign on the door, and come on up to our Suite 203.

The price of the classes are $15 per class. If you enroll and pay for the entire course of 5 classes, you can save $15.00 as the cost of the entire course will be $60.00.

Looking forward to seeing you in class,


"the Professor, the Cat in the Hat"


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