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What we’re about

Hellou!  =)


My life vision is to touch millions of lives with joy and happiness while creating a global community of like minded inspiring people who want to lead in changing the world.

I run Breath. Laugh. Transform your Life workshops which are based in principles of yoga, self development and self realisation. I believe we can achieve joy & happiness through so many sources and interests so the workshops and events will cover fun things like hugging, acro-yoga, contact improvisation, tantra, massage

In the workshop sessions we have a fun time, meet amazing people, and get to be children again  and have real fun!

If you feel like uplifting your mood, feeling happy and motivated EVERYDAY…. even during winter… there is a very simple way of doing it through laughter.

What I love the most is the connection with people! I love those random moments when you start laughing with friends or strangers about anything… and you just can’t stop it, have a laughter attack and even your tummy hurts =) well… this is what it is about!

When we laugh there is a chemical reaction in our bodies, and we produce endorphins (happy hormones) and reduce cortisol (stress hormones)... so overall we feel happier. Also, it is a proper workout and research shows that 1 min of hearty laughter equals to 10mins of jogging! amazing!

However, to get the benefits of laughter we have to laugh for at least 10 to 15 mins… and that rarely happens… except in our sessions where we just have a good laugh!!

Join us and welcome to the laughter, play and yoga movement!


I’m looking forward to laughing with you


Love & Laughter!