1 Million Cups Fort Collins: Wolf & Heron (S. Judd) & Daniel James Media


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Great presentations from the community! Keep coming!
This week we have:

Stephanie Judd from Wolf and Heron:

The Nine Sources of Influence Power: How to be influential no matter who you are.

A quick description of the content:
Power is what we come to the influencer’s table with; it’s the support system that sets us up as influential (or not) from the start. Believe it or not, power is something that we can work on and build no matter who we are or what we're trying to achieve. In this talk, we'll explore the nine sources of influence power and some myths and realities around them. Walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what will make you powerful.

Daniel James from Daniel James Media: https://www.danieljamesmedia.com/

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