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Setting your Intention is a powerful focusing technique that seeds the manifestation of your desires. Focus and clarity are key components. When you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, amazing things occur. Intention gives us fortitude to deal with tough times.

Intentional relaxation requires you to actively focus your attention inside your body and purposely relax. This simple procedure will reduce a tremendous amount of stress and tension while creating space for health and vitality.

If you are in a difficult conversation, think about what your intention for the outcome of the conversation is. What is important to you, to explain how you are right or to allow the other person to feel heard so that they have the potential be more open to other points of view?

When you are about to do something, or even when you are in the middle of doing something ask yourself, Why am I doing this? What do I want from this? This enhances your own clarity about what you want. This clarity causes energy to flow faster. This faster flowing energy makes you feel more alive. This aligns you with yourself. Clarity and alignment with what you believe leads to manifestations.

If you form a clear mental image of what you want and align with it, feel it believe it, before you do something - then the results of what you do are FAR greater than a thought. Writing or speaking is valuable because using words forces you to clarify in your mind what you want. The clearer it is, the more energy can flow towards it.

Segment Intending Process – whatever the event, think ahead and INTEND a positive experience.

Use a new Segment Intending when you start something that has a different purpose to what you were doing before:

1) Identify what it is you want from what you are about to do. It’s alright to want a few things. Let them flow easily and form clear words in your mind.

2) After identifying what you want, begin to think about why you want it. This increases clarity and energy flow.

3) Identify why you can have what you want. Let beliefs come to you that you believe to be true that align with what you want.

When you finish that and something else to do comes up, identify what you want from that, why...and again, and again, and again.

Think, speak, write it down to intensify the energy of manifesting.

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