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Workshop Series- Transform Your Resolutions Into Reality. Part 1

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Donald Gordon C.


This is the first session of a two session workshop event. You must reserve and pay for your seat in advance. Sundays' March 15th and March 22nd, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

"Donald does an excellent job of peeling back the layers and revealing the disconnects in much of our thinking, beliefs, desires, and choices--contradictory beliefs held at the same time with no apparent awareness." WFP

One of the most difficult turning points in life is New Years day and during the start of the New Year most people make resolutions about lifestyle changes. How many of us have said something like ‘from now on things are going to be different, I am going to stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend more time with family and friends, quit drinking, enjoy life more, help others, or get out of debt?’ Yet, still filled with good intentions, before January’s end these resolutions either fail or falter.

“How do we break the cycle of breaking our personal resolutions? First of all it is important to understand that, resolutions are a process, not a one-time effort of will power that offers you a chance to create new habits,” says Donald Gordon Carty creator and facilitator of the two session workshop, “research concludes that the people who succeed at making lifestyle changes typically have support systems. I am delighted to be able to offer this two session workshop and to give the participants tips and tools that will add support to their New Year or not-so-New Year’s resolutions.”

The two session “Resolutions Into Reality” workshop, sponsored by, the Personal Development Institute and Awaken Forums, will be held at Suwanee’s George Pierce Community Center, Sunday February 15th and Sunday February 22nd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and registration and prepayment is required.

“When you try to bring about change with an effort of will power alone you do harm to yourself,” says Carty. Odds are you will not succeed and if you do succeed you will probably pay a price that you are not happy paying. When people go through my program they do find that behaviour change happens, and this lasts, because it does not happen as an effort of will power alone”, “I have developed a systematic approach by which you examine what your mental models are and as you do that you change how you look at the world, as you change how you look at the world, you literally become a different person, as you become a different person behavior change is a natural bi-product.”

The programs offered through awaken Forums focus on the discovery of self and the authentic search for meaning in one’s own life and advances a multi-faceted approach to learning and creativity, by combining uplifting and sometimes spiritually challenging film shorts, with theory, personal experience, self-reflection, teaching, experiential learning activities, exercises, and group discussion.

The purpose of Awaken Forums is to awaken personal potential by creating and facilitating learning environments wherein true nature informs and guides your awakening experience and by sharing information, materials and insights which can help transform your life. The Personal Development Institute is renowned for their expertise in coaching and guiding personal and organizational growth.

For more information, please contact Donald Carty at . The two session workshop will be held at Gwinnett Public Library, 361 Main Street, Library Meeting Room. Suwannee. GA. 30024. To register for the 1:00pm sessions on Sunday March 15th and Sunday March 22nd please register above and make your payment through the link provided below. Seating is limited to 10 participants and registration and payment is required.

For additional information about the contents and syllabus of the awaken Forums programs, please visit the website at

Donald Gordon Carty is a scientist, philosopher, spiritual explorer, socio-cultural anthropologist, consultant, coach, author, president and founder of the Personal Development Institute, Awaken; Human Potential and Transformation Forums, and the Awaken Cinema Circle.

So, come and take a short walk with me and others of like mind, as we tread the path further into the mysteries of the lived experience of our sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

Presentation; approx. 60 minutes for each session. We will start on time, but late is OK.

Discussion, exploration, exercises, worksheets, quizzes; approx. 30 minutes for each session.

Total time; 1 hours 30 minutes each session. RSVP.

Total Classroom; 3 Hours. Homework/fieldwork; approx. 3 hours

Cost: $79.00 members. $149.00 non-members. Includes Workbook. Please email ( or call 850-725-0527 for additional details. Click this link to pay with PayPal (

Date: Sunday March 15th 2015 and Sunday March 22nd 2015

Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM - Film to Follow 3:00 PM to 4:20 PM

Place: Suwanee Branch - Gwinnett Public Library, 361 Main Street, Library Meeting Room. Suwannee. GA. 30024

Registration is limited! So please register early.

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awaken - Suwanee Law of Attraction Meetup Group
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