[Online] -- Playing Hop Scotch on the Emotional Guidance Scale -- LoA 1/23/2021

The So. New Jersey Law of Attraction Meetup
The So. New Jersey Law of Attraction Meetup
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Law of Attraction -- January 23, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

The Emotional Guidance Scale, developed by Abraham-Hicks, is a list of 22 sets of emotions, ordered by the energetic frequencies of the respective emotions. The densest frequency, #22, are the most debilitating and dis-empowering emotions. The highest frequency, #1, are the most freeing and empowering emotions.

[Click on the additional photos below, to see the Emotional Guidance Scale].

Traditionally, we have used exercises or processes to work our way up the Emotional Guidance Scale from dis-empowering thoughts to better feeling, more functional thoughts and perspectives.

This is great, but how do we know exactly what emotions we are dealing with? Our ego might be masking our true emotional set-point with rationalizations.

We need a technique to hop on down the Emotional Guidance Scale until we discover where we truly are at. Once we OWN our real emotional set-point, we can then choose an exercise or process to work our way back up a little – to pick up our set-point where it landed and start to hop back up.



[Click on the additional photos below, to see the Emotional Guidance Scale from the inside out].

We are not quite ready yet to ascend back up the Emotional Guidance Scale.

What we have discovered is our dominant emotional set-point.

Upon examination, we will find that that emotional set-point expresses itself in other, seemingly unrelated, areas of our life also. This provides us with a broad understanding of what is really going on in our life. Or, rather, what we are creating in our life from that particular emotional set-point.

Now, as we climb back up, we will elevate our entire experience of life, in all its aspects.

Join us on Saturday, September 23, to explore this new Abraham teaching.

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