[Online] -- Manifesting from the Heart -- Law of Attraction 2/20/2021

South Jersey Law of Attraction Meetup
South Jersey Law of Attraction Meetup
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Law of Attraction -- February 20, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., online

Some core principles from the Law of Attraction involve the emotion-thought relationship, and managing one’s thoughts and emotions.

We manifest what we picture and believe, and we attract whatever supports our dominant emotional set-point.

Last month, we saw that if one thing angers us, then closer examination will reveal that there are many areas of our life that also contain things to be angry about. Conversely, if we are enthused and passionate about something, then we will find that there are other areas that we also find exciting. Our life crystallizes around our dominant emotional set-point. We are attracting and manifesting from our dominant emotional set-point.

This month, we will take it farther.

Our brain can only sift & sort, and perhaps re-combine elements in our experience. It cannot create anything truly new.

Our Heart is a brain of a different sort. It connects to our Inner Self / our Higher Self / to the Universal Consciousness and Source of infinite creativity.

Much research has gone into examining and understanding the nature of our Heart, beyond the heart as simply a blood pump. They found that our Heart has neurons like the brain's, and it receives information first, and afterwards sends the information to our brain.

If we learn to move our consciousness from our head to our Heart, we experience amazing transformations and abilities.

We can learn to Manifest from Our Heart, rather than blocking manifestation with our brain.

Come join us this coming Saturday, February 20, for a Heartful Experience.

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