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The Law of Attraction Centre, London
The Law of Attraction Centre, London
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Monday at 8:15pm - the time when meditation started at the iconic Processes Group in London's Covent Garden every week for over ten years - and tonight we have an opportunity to tune in together and experience that unique group energy once again! This evening Michael James will be leading a meditation for 15 minutes just like he used to at the group. Quite a few people are joining in from around the world so if you're guided to join us for this virtual group meditation please do so. It's empowering knowing that people around the world are all meditating together at the same time.

"Just what I need in times like this. Incredible energy… I was instantly taken back to the Covent Garden group… magical" Kathy R


Just before 8:15pm, 'press play' on the suggested music (below) and follow the Class Instruction to meditate along with the rest of the group remotely. No online link is necessary. If you attended the group before, you may want to imagine you are there, sitting on the cushions, experiencing the meditation.

SUGGESTED MEDITATION MUSIC TO USE: Deep Meditation by Nikki Slade (from her album Soundscape): It's also available on Spotify and Amazon.

CLASS INSTRUCTION: Cross legged or in a chair, sitting comfortable but alert - and getting comfortable where you are. Press play on the meditation track. Close your eyes. And beginning to inhale feeling your breath coming in through your nose. And exhaling out through your mouth or nose. Feeling your breath coming into your body, enjoying the breath coming in, and fully exhaling. And now, feeling for this consistent sound coming into the room on this recording. And breathing into this sound in, and out. And finding this note, finding this baseline as a focal point. Breathe into the sound, deep deliberate breath in and out. In your mind's eye you may see a point of light - something in your mind's eye to focus on. Listening to the sound of that constant note that continues through the audio. Feel the sound coming from the point of light in your mind's eye. Every time your mind wanders into thoughts, bring your focus back to the sound or the point of light in your mind's eye, breathing into it. Allowing the light and the sound to hold you, keep you centred, keep you in that stillness in the centre.

At the end of the audio, which is about 15 minutes, take some deep breaths, gently move your body and then open your eyes.

ONLINE LINK: Please note an online link is not required to participate in this meditation. Michael James will be participating live in this meditation.



Some comments about the Processes Group:

"The meetups are wonderful and the changes to my life are nothing short of amazing." "Make sure you stop by at this group.. Its A+++" "One of London's best kept secrets... Michael's Processes Group is an Institution." "Never experienced so much fun, joy, excitement and love from one group of people in one place!" "Michael's weekly satsang..." "Michael's groups are a beacon of light... The space he holds is a sanctuary." "This group, now in its eighth year, is a must-visit. Don't be surprised if you find yourself sitting next to a well-known celebrity or a big-name spiritual teacher drops in to hear what Michael has to say... This group has inspired many others but is still the best of its kind, and those in the know know this!"

This meditation is intended as a self-help, motivation, relaxation and de-stressing aid. It does not constitute a replacement for medical or psychological treatment and we neither express nor imply any claims to the contrary.
Do not use participate in this meditation whilst under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances.
Do not listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery.