What we're about

Culture. People. Those words you can hear screaming everywhere, today.
At least, in companies with 21st century survival ambition.

However, how that happens? The culture ... From where it comes? Who define, form, outline, transform, control, manage, ignore, fail and try it again?

Leaders. Leaders is the answer.

But who are those? The leaders ... How they look like? What they think about? What they struggle with? Where and how they succeeded? What challenges they face? What cultures they form and why?

This meetup group has ambition to bring together leaders - people who are not only responsible for themselves, but also for others. People responsible for businesses and their survival in 21st century. People who are not afraid to be inspired by others. People who are not afraid to share ...

You leader, come! You won't leave untouched.

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Micromanagement. A "Star Trek" story.

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Toxic Leadership (Brent N. Cann)

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Culture as an Important Element of Working with People

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