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Everybody can aspire to be a leader.

But what makes a leader great? Is it something a person is born with? But what if a person is born with great talents, but those talents are not realized as the person grows up? Does it still mean that the person is a natural great leader?

We believe that the manifestation of your true inner leadership power will make a huge difference to the world around you. This group serves as a platform to unleash your leadership potential within you, empowering you as a great leader in your life.

In this group, our meetups and related workshops revolve around the following topics :

·Charisma and Leadership


·Philosophy of Charisma

It does not matter whether you are a CEO, long-time professional, just-starting out executive, or a student. What matters is that you are interested to discover the leader inside you. Together, we can grow together to gain greater mastery towards leadership, broaden our network and have fun, all at the same time.

Join us in our journey!

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