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What we’re about

Successful business owners know that in order for a business to grow they need people that are invested in their vision.
Successful business owners know that People FIRST is what makes a business great.
When you create a supportive environment for your employees that empowers them and sees them as true gems for business growth, that is when your business thrives.

Leadership with HEART (Heartfelt Engagement Accomplishes Reality Transformation) is designed for Business Owners, Managers, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, HR, Emerging Business Leaders who want to see a positive change in their work's environment.

My Vision is to see Authentic Heart-Centred Leaders that put People First in Every Business.

You are invited to be part of this movement! You already are a Heart-Centred Leader if you are part of this group.
In this non-judgemental space we can share resources that can help you increase your Impact, Reach and Productivity, so that the business that you lead flourishes.

The most successful businesses came to this conclusion too: if the employees are happy and thriving, so is the business.

Times have changed. Running a business on fear and shame is not as productive as it was before.
There is a raise in human consciousness and successful leaders understood that if they run their business with love, compassion, kindness and assertiveness, the business is thriving.
Happy employees = happy customers = happy business!

This is Heart-Centred Leadership. This is Authentic Leaders on Purpose. This is you Showing Up and Stepping Up to a world where people flourish!