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Lean Startup Belgium #LeanStartupBE
Lean Startup Belgium #LeanStartupBE
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A dedicated session on Lean UX, mainly based on what Jeff Gothelf has written on the subject.

Lean UX brings together design thinking, Lean and Agile principles to the design and User eXperience process. It’s time to get out of the deliverables business and take a lean approach!

You will learn how to start from assumptions instead of "requirements", how to do hypothesis-driven development, and the importance of experiments. Join us and learn about the build-measure-learn cycle of Lean UX!

We propose an agile approach for this session - you are part of the cross-functional team to make this session successful! We are mere facilitators of the session!

We have a 3 hour time-slot, the items on the agenda will be time-boxed.


• Example case (video)

• Why Lean UX?

• Hypothesis-based thinking

• Collaborative design

• Continuous discovery

• Feedback loops

A number of Tools & Techniques will be shared on Lean UX.

We will illustrate with examples.

We will make sure to put you at work in breakout sessions, either working on an example case - or more valuable: on your own case.

So think ahead before joining this session:

• What’s my current challenge?

• What do I need to learn? What are my uncertainties?

• What does my customer / end-user needs?

Meet the session host: Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse http://linkedin.com/in/frederikvannieuwenhuyse/ or http://twitter.com/vfrederik

• The event is free, but no-shows should pay 15 €, an amount that will go to the charity organization Avaaz