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#LeanCoffeeTO - Episode 13 - From "Small L" to "Big L"

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During our 'Refreshing Lean' session, the concept of "Small L" and "Big L" Lean was approached -

The articulated difference being:

"Small L" Lean, as an approach, tends more toward acknowledging that Lean methodologies and techniques exist, and aiming toward generally efficient business practices.

"Big L" Lean is the actual implementation of Lean methodologies in business practices.

This session we are gonna explore this topic more -

Leading questions:

1. What steps can be taken to transition from the "small L" approach?
2. When is a good time to consider doing this?
3. How do we address the potential pitfall of becoming a "Lean Snob" - dropping Lean slang to sound cool at all the Entrepreneur and Small Business gatherings?

Please suggest reading materials and or refinements to the topic description -

Look forward to seeing y'all.


You would enjoy Lean Coffee TO if you:
Have recently started or are about to start a business
Want to participate in discussions and activities about lean startups
Are looking to learn more about lean thinking
Like good coffee and conversation

Time permitting, we will discuss any topics, trends, or case-study type items that emerge. Any suggestions, comments and/or refinements to the proposed topic are welcome as always.