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Message KPIs: How do founders measure the success of their marketing message?

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Stephen R. W. and 2 others


During this hand’s-on FREE workshop, we’ll learn how to determine the feasibility of your marketing messages, discuss the benefits of determining your 3 best message experiments in advance, define the key success metrics that top entrepreneurs use to easily measure their marketing messages, and explore the correlation between the 4 essential metrics that you need to know before testing your marketing offer. By identifying the message KPIs before testing your marketing offer, you’ll know what assumptions to validate and the customer conversions necessary for your startup’s success.

If you’ve developed marketing campaigns over the past 3 months without clear conversion metrics, this meetup will teach you how to achieve your path to victory by building out actionable KPIs that you can implement in 5 days.

Topic: Message KPIs
Essential question: How do entrepreneurs measure the success of their marketing message?
Objectives: Learn how to identify qualified customer lead costs and determine customer profitability.
Audience: early stage startup team members (pre-funding through seed stage), inexperienced entrepreneurs, curious enterprise executives and employees, university students interested in learning lean methods.

FOOD and DRINKS will be provided!


6:30-7:00PM: Networking & Food
7:00-8:00PM: Workshop
8:00-8:30PM: More Networking


Meetup date/time: Thursday, April 5th at 6:30PM
Location: Houston Technology Center, 410 Pierce, Houston, Texas 77002
Directions and Parking: FREE street parking after 6:00PM (see map:

This meetup is part 3 of the 2018 Houston Lean Startup series: Developing marketing offers that VALIDATE CUSTOMER INTEREST in having their problems solved by you and getting you PAID FOR YOUR SOLUTION before you build it.

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