10X Value Identified: How do you integrate core value into your solution design?

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If you’ve built a product or service WITHOUT designing how you’ll measure the value your customers receive 🤯, this workshop will teach you the steps necessary to identify the value your customers want your solution to deliver and the process to produce 10X the value over competitive existing alternatives.

By following a milestone-based process to validate your startup idea’s product value hypothesis, you’ll be able to stay focused on developing a product or service that delights your customers and keeps competitors from copying your solution while avoiding mistakes that cost inexperienced entrepreneurs valuable time and money. 👊👊👊

During this interactive 🔥 FREE workshop, we’ll discuss how identifying the 10X value your product or service delivers is an essential Market Validation milestone, explore the key tools and activities to identify your startup product’s core value, analyze the 2 test conditions to determine whether you’ve accurately identified your startup’s unique value, understand the corrective actions to fix fatal flaws in your product value assumption if necessary, identify the data you need to collect during prototype testing with real customers, and analyze 2 case studies of funded startups that failed to fix their product value hypothesis.

😎 TOPIC: 10X Value Identified
🤔 ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do experienced entrepreneurs easily integrate their product or service’s core value into their solution design?
🥳 WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: Discover the process to methodically identify the core value your customers want your product or service to deliver and learn how to overcome fatal flaws in your startup’s product value assumption that will prevent you from achieving Market Validation.
😘 AUDIENCE: early stage startup team members (pre-funding through seed stage), inexperienced entrepreneurs, curious enterprise executives and employees, university students interested in learning lean methods

This is an ONLINE ONLY workshop!

7:00-7:30PM: Online Workshop
7:30-8:00PM: Live Q&A

Meetup date/time: Thursday, November 7th at 7:00PM
Location: ONLINE via Zoom (link sent ONLY to registered attendees)
Access: FREE livestream video of the presentation

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