How do experienced founders validate their scale strategies to sustainably grow?

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Worried that your startup’s operations will be too costly to scale and stay ahead of the competition?

The difference between well-funded startups that fail and those that continue to innovate is how the successful ones validate their scaled growth through each startup development phase. Ignoring fatal flaws or delaying implementation of necessary corrective actions often are the difference between not surviving and fully thriving as your startup idea matures into a sustainable enterprise.

If you’ve been able to repeatably generate sales of your product but haven’t proven how you’ll scale your lead engine, sales engine, and production & delivery engine 😰, this workshop will provide you the steps necessary to validate your scale hypothesis for your startup in as little as 1 month. No matter whether your startup’s solution is a product or service, the scale hypothesis you’ll validate with this methodology will ensure that you can sustainably grow your operations and R&D.

During this 🔥 workshop, we’ll:

• Understand the 5 primary activities necessary to validate your scale hypothesis.
• Document your alternative strategies for scaling your 3 key business functions while reducing the cost and time to generate qualified leads, convert to leads to paying customers, produce and deliver your product, and increase the adoption rate of your solution.
• Discover how to analyze the obstacles that are preventing you from scaling your key business activities.
• Discuss which corrective actions to take when performing the fatal flaw analysis by using a real-world case study.

By validating your scale hypothesis, you’ll be prepared to begin sustainably growing your startup idea into a thriving business with an efficient business operations and R&D plan that improves operating margins. 👏👏👏

🤓 MILESTONE: Startup Phase #2, Repeatable Sales & Delivery // Milestone #4, Scale Hypothesis Validated
😎 TOPIC: Understanding how to validate your Scale Strategy
🤔 ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do successful founders prove that their scale plans will work in sustainably growing their lead, sales and production and delivery engines?
🥳 WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: Explore the method for determining various scale strategies and learn the corrective actions to take when encountering obstacles that inhibit your startup’s ability to achieve sustainable growth.
😘 AUDIENCE: early stage startup founders/co-founders; team leaders and product managers who are building key business functions that generate repeatable sales and solution delivery

This is an ONLINE ONLY workshop via YOUTUBE LIVE!

🧠 1:30-1:50PM: Online Workshop
🙋‍♀️ 1:50-2:00PM: Live Q&A

📆 Event date/time: Thursday, October 1st at 1:30PM
📍 Location: ONLINE (link sent ONLY to registered attendees)
🍿 Access: Livestream via YouTube Live


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