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What we’re about

If you are new to the city, If you are learning ENGLISH and need to improve your conversation skills, If you want to make new friends and connections, then join us! The club is for everyone especially people who want to practice English conversation in a friendly and fun environment.

****Please be advised, for safety and quality reasons, please report anyone if you feel uncomfortable in the group due to violence or harassment (verbally or physically)

We offer:

- Coffee shop gatherings

- Fun games and discussions

- Tours and outdoor adventures

- Pub nights and nightlife

- Restaurant meetups and trying different things

- Cultural events

- And more!!!

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RULES ( Please read carefully): <br>

* If you RSVP and do not show up to the meetup, you will be marked as no-show. <br>If you have another no-show, you will be expelled from the club. <br>So please if you CAN'T come, mark yourself as absent so someone else can join instead

*If you RSVPed and you arrive 30 minutes late, you may risk losing your spot to someone who joined earlier but was not RSVPed. You have 30 minutes of grace period to arrive for the seat reserved for you. If someone brings their friends and you don't show up within 30 minutes, they can take your spot.

*It is not a dating club, if you come to pick up girls and whatnot, you will be expelled.

*Bring 2 pieces of ID, we usually go to eat after the club and some venues require 2 pieces of ID.

*Be polite and respect everyone, the sloppy behavior will not be tolerated.

*Best of all, have fun! *