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Are you wondering where the most exciting places to work within development are?

There are a lot of problems in today's industry when dealing with job skill requirements.

What are the actual skills required by companies and why?

What are some realistic challenges developers have at the company and can I prove to the company I can tackle those challenges as well?

What kind of courses should I take to directly skill myself in skills that these companies have?

We create Tech Skill assessments on behalf of the most innovative job industries providing companies with accurate insight into project based skills and industry skills of candidates while we provide candidates with analysis of their project based skills and personalized career advice.

We work together with leading recruitment companies to ensure that candidates taking just one tech challenge can get access to multiple companies at once. Reusing the results of the tech challenges saves candidates and companies 100's of hours and creates a much higher quality for both parties.

Our tech challenges are evaluated by an expert panel of Designers, Lead Developers, and managers. Some of the companies we are working with include Apenhet, Innovasjon Norge, Flytoget, Avinor, Evry, Mercell, Tomra, Zendera and more that make up to $3.5M per year.

Why take the challenge?

1. You have the option to publish your skills to companies and get a job interview if you reach a certain skill

2. You get analytics on your strengths and weaknesses and tailored courses depending on where you need to improve.

3. You can compare your current skill level to skills from the developers of the company and as well to other candidates

4. Your data is kept private (GDPR) and you decide if your skills will be published5. And did we mention it’s free?

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