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Hi everybody. I want to create a group of people who are dedicated to learning web-development full-time. We would meet up everyday and program from about 9am to 5pm. We would craft our curriculum through the plethora of online material that is out there on the web. The curriculum would be project based so you will have a chance to work on real problems and have a portfolio to show for it. We might even be able to find mentors who are willing to guide us.

Another perk of this group would be that we could travel to different meetups together, like hackathons.

The goal of this group would be to create of community of people who are willing to dedicate a significant portion of their time to acquiring the skills of a junior level web-developer and to have a lot of fun and make friends in the process.

If you interested contact me at

You can also check out this meetup that I've created in order to facilitate the process:

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