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Tame the Email Beast - ARTT-fuly! @ Lawyers Happy Hour

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Tame the Email Beast - ARTT-fuly!  @ Lawyers Happy Hour


Topic: Tame the Email Beast!
If you are like many lawyers, email is still one of the primary ways in which you communicate with your clients, colleagues, and business partners. Email plays a critical role in how you define and manage your day. Yet, you are often feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your inbox.
There is a better way.
The engineers who created email understand our human habits and have created tools to support what it is we do with email. However, nobody has ever really explained our human behavior in relation to the technology. That is what this program is about. In this program, Sarah Tetlow, creator of the ARTT™ Email Productivity course, connects your habits with the technology, resulting in completely changing how you approach your inbox.
One of the best things about having an intentional, organized, and crisp inbox is that you can be in control of your inbox and not feel overwhelmed by it. Not only does Sarah teach the ARTT™ System, Sarah also lives the ARTT™ System.
About Lawyers Happy Hour:
We've gone global on Zoom with our monthly happy hour networking event for all law students, lawyers, and legal support professionals! Plus anyone interested in meeting these peeps.
We will have a moderated mix and mingle experience. There will be the main room and break-out rooms for smaller group networking. Games may also be played! Ideas, shoot them over!

Lawyers Happy Hour is sponsored and organized by The Success Partner, check them out at

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Lawyers, Law Students & Legal Professionals
Lawyers, Law Students & Legal Professionals
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