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Let's innovate some business models using LEGO SERIOUSPLAY!

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This meetup is a recurring event of business model innovation using LEGO(R) SERIOUSPLAY(R).

IMPORTANT: There's a limit of max 12 attendees per event to make sure that we have a productive time. It's 4 hours and a very intensive (and refreshing) process. *** Only startups of 2-3 people, no individual attendees please! ***

If you're in an early stage startup and want to try a crazy way of building or validating your business model, take 2 other co-founders from your team and come over to the next event.


LEGO SERIOUSPLAY is a radical, experiential process designed to enhance creativity & performance. It is based on the belief that everybody in a team have a lot of insights which they can't share with the whole team for various reasons. Therefore, individuals end up holding a lot of amazing & valuable insights inside.

How does it work?

The use of LEGO bricks simply enable you to take a speedy shortcut to the core. The bricks work as a catalyst, they trigger processes and brain functions that you were previously unaware of. Your brain operates on a whole new level - 4 hrs pass by fast while you remain fully engaged. This whole magic is held together by a facilitated process to harness this energy and drive out a lot of learnings & conclusions during a 4-hr session.

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If you'd like to participate on the next event, apply early as there are limited (12) spaces and for the best results, it's best if you +1 or +2 your team mates as well.

About David

David learned the process from Per Kristiansen, one of the two LEGO employees who started LEGO SERIOUSPLAY. David has been a facilitator of many LEGO business model generation workshops with early-stage startups across Ireland, the UK, Eastern Europe and the USA. It's his passion to help early-stage startups innovate their business models, target personas and product features. Besides this crazy hobby, he's a barefoot runner, a co-founder of a startup, working for Microsoft for over 10 years and lived in a total of 4 countries across Europe and the US.


***** Although I love Legos, I never thought that they can be such a fantastic tool to deal with Startup problems. In just a few hours, David helped us clear up some questions that we have been spinning our wheels on for weeks. I can't even imagine how far we could get with a bi-weekly session. If you have not tried Lego Seriousplay before, give it a try, its well worth it! Tamas P. Kiss, CEO/Co-Founder of Piqniq

***** It was really exciting to see what’s on our mind, build that and see the exact details. Build ourselves, build our environment, build the product and the connections. These things were the most amazing part of building our business with Lego. David is an expert on Lego SeriousPlay. He led us through the process and helped us a lot. It was a great and professional session. Thanks David! Balint Mero, Co-founder at TeamMenta

***** I've been fortunate to work with David at his LEGO SERIOUSPLAY workshop. It was a great experience, we learned a lot about our product and customers. David's creative thinking and expertise made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Norbert Budincsevity, Co-founder of tep

***** It was a great pleasure to take part at David's LEGO SERIOUSPLAY workshop. It was an amazing technique to visualize thoughts, reach common understanding with others and to have deeper reflection about my venture. He lead us through a smooth process which we really enjoyed and made us think. I can recommend it to teams and organizations in any field. Bernadett Polya, Entrepreneur in Residence @ DEMOLA

***** We joined David for a LEGO SERIOUSPLAY coaching session, it was a great experience. My partner and I learned a lot about ourselves, our partners and our business strategy. We answered questions on which markets to enter, how to concentrate on niches and potential future opportunities. David is a great coach who work well with us to facilitate the learning experience. Jean Moncrieff, Co-founder of Fastsell

***** David created for us an amazing experience on how to look at our business. For a couple of hours we played and we had incredible fun, and David observed and asked questions that helped us better understand where we are, where we should be, and what actions could we take. Through games he gave us a different perspective on our Value Proposition and positioning. However, what I am not sure David knows, is he gave us a fun way and an incredible tool to play with, to shape not only our business perspectives but personal ones as well. Thank you! It was one of the best business training moments I experienced lately, and "building worlds" together was surely fun and insightful! Vlad Bodi, CEO at Hppy - Employee Happiness Tools

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