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@letsgolocal.asia was started by our passion to travel and have an adventure. While doing so, we've realized that we're always searching for ways to connect to a deeper level with the communities we meet.

By working closely with locals, we strive to provide affordable yet reliable experience to others and at the same time assist our partners to maintain a sustainable local community. We hope to achieve this by INSPIRING people and EMPOWERING local communities through travel and adventure!

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Explore and Experience Off-Beaten Track With the Borneo Highlanders

[PLEASE TAKE NOTE] Price stipulated on the header of this event is in MYR and not USD. ------------------------- Tucked away between the misty mountains of Sarawak and East Kalimantan, Ba’kelalan is a group of 13 villages about 1,000m above sea level. Indigenous to the highlands here are an ethnic group called the Lun Bawang. Many could also be found in the neighbouring state of Sabah and Krayan, Kalimantan where they are sometimes named Lundayeh. Over a century ago, they used to live in communal longhouses but have since adapt to living in individual family houses. Once known to be fierce headhunters, taking enemy heads was an indication of someone’s bravery. After a great many tribal wars and surviving various epidemics, there are now only about 25,000 of them. Often referred to by some visitors as extremely friendly and one of the most hospitable people they’ve came into contact with. ------------------------- What awaits you? ------------------------- ✔ Experience flying from the lowlands to interior highlands of Sarawak on a 16-seater turboprop ✔ Marvel at the mountainous beauty and dense rainforest that surrounds Ba’kelalan ✔ Meet and get to know the hospitable Lun Bawang people with their rich cultural history ✔ Discover the infamous ‘Adan Rice’ and its vast verdant rice fields ✔ Stay in a beautiful home that sits at the edge of the paddy field ✔ Enjoy delicious local and hearty cooked meals by our host ✔ Explore unspoiled wilderness with activities around Ba'kelalan ✔ Cross the Indonesian border into East Kalimantan for an experience with the Lundayeh For detailed itinerary please click here >> http://bit.ly/bakelalan_kalimantan

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