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What we’re about

Free and open to all locals, but especially those active 40+ We are a very active group with multiple events most weeks. Join us if you want to keep active, make new friends, and enjoy the beautiful coastal area. Activities are spread throughout eastern Sussex county, but mostly in the Lewes Rehoboth corridor. Things we do regularly, volunteer at food bank, bike, walk, kayak, listen to live music, dance, pickleball, play Bar Trivia and Mingo. A great group for those new to the beach life!! All activities will be easy to medium in difficulty, and I will always post distance and difficulty levels. Activities are scheduled year round. I am also open to others suggesting and planning outings to suit the group. Not limited to those over 40, but that is the majority of our group. Singles and couples (need to join & RSVP separately) are welcome, NEVER A FEE TO JOIN! I will always give at least 2 hours notice if I have to cancel an event. Feel free to suggest outings that interest you! Sorry but if you don't participate in our events you will be removed from the group.

Sorry I have to enforce these rules, but I must insist that:
Your profile must contain a real name and clear picture of yourself, or you will not be admitted to the group.
If you sign up SHOW UP. If you fail to change your reservations status and do not show up for events that have limited availability it denies other members the chance to participate. If you are at the event but not sitting with the group, or show up with a group of people that are not on your RSVP, this will be treated the same as a no-show. Multiple no-shows will result in you being suspended/removed from the group

Please refrain from creating unnecessary drama for the hosts. If you don't like the way people are behaving you are free to leave the event (unless they are harassing you directly in an inappropriate way, please report that immediately to the host and me) but groups like these have many personalities and we try to be fair and objective.

For events with a fee, you must have Venmo or Paypal, and you must prepay as instructed in the event. I don't have time to play bill collector.

Please refrain from posting messages on the events unless they specifically refer to a need (Needing a kayak for an event). PLEASE DO NOT POST THAT YOU CAN'T MAKE AN EVENT!!! JUST CHANGE YOUR RSVP! The hosts need to monitor messages for people who might be lost, or can't find the group, They do not want to keep looking at their phones while hosting an event.

Special Note: If there are additional sign up outside of the meet Up event (like working the Food Bank requires you to sign up on their website) anyone who has not completed the second step 48 hours before the event will be removed from the event. thanks

No children under 21 or pets allowed at events. We are a group for people 40+

I reserve the right to ban anyone from this group without reason. Any unwanted, abusive, or negative contact with other group members will get you removed from the group. This is a safe and friendly environment. This includes unwanted or unsolicited messages with links to other sites, or asking the member to contact you outside of this site.