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Goodday Everyone! Thanks for your interest. It seems that we may have to move Down Under. Why? Not only are Australia and New Zealand parliamentary democracies (which mean more political stability), they also guarantee more legal protections for all LGBTs, much less gun violence, and universal medicine. If you prefer to live long, let me tell you that the July/August 2016 issue of Men's Health magazine (P. 144) warns: "There is a 6.8% probability that a catastrophic nuclear conflict will happen in the next 25 years, killing more people--about 80 million radioactive corpses--than the entire death toll of World War II...As an island country in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand will be largely spared from the nuclear winter that would follow any moderately large nuclear war." Just check the latest Doomsday Clock and you will see. So let us get together in a shopping mall or cafe or the LGBT Center of SF, maybe every other weekend, and support each other as we come up with ideas on how we can move Down Under. For guys who love sex, there is also a lawful gay brothel near Sydney (one great reason for me to look to the South!)

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