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We are pre-booking appointments for the first hour morning and the last hour afternoon readings and healings. Go to the psychic fair page and check out bio's and pricing. Click on the time link for the reader you want on this page. We are only offering 25min for the pre-bookings if you want 50min you will need to choose two 25min. Be mindful in your selections, there are no refunds or exchanges. All other appointments will be booked in person at the event.

Link to bio page.

Claudia Johnson
10am: 25min $75.00
10:30: 25min $75.00

Michelle Dunkirk
10am: 25min $35.00
10:30: 25min $35.00

Amy Grace
10am: 25min $100.00 Booked

10:30: 25min $100.0 Booked

Nancy Robinson
10am: 25min $60.00
10:30: 25min $60.00 Booked

Kayla Michaele
10am: 25min $75.00
10:30: 25min $75.00

Nina Roberts Salveson
10am: 25min $65.00
10:30: 25min $65.00

Brandy Morcomb
10am: 25min $40.00 Booked

10:30: 25min $40.00 Booked
Christina Hardy
10am: 25min $50.00
10:30 25min $50.00