LHSC Motivational Service with Drake Powe


Drake is a life meditation teacher, life coach, stress reduction consultant and Yoga instructor. Stress reduction reduces our connection to our intuition and our natural wisdom, but by using a blend of ancient and modern tools and simple practices, Drake teaches his clients to ground themselves in their deeper power and subtler awareness, allowing clarity, resilience, and kindness to flower. In this way clients access inner resources that ground and center them, even as the world changes.

Drake grew up in a racially charged and physically dangerous environment. Living in this intense energy, he became interested in Yoga and meditation practice as a way to navigate life’s challenges. By age 11 he was devouring books on meditation and soon began his own meditation practice.

Throughout adolescence he played football and like many athletes, suffered significant injuries. In his early thirties still hampered by those injuries Drake took up an aggressive form of Yoga and was hurt again. From this Drake realized he wanted a softer style and began his study of Kripalu Yoga. With a deep respect for the practice he began to blend it with his study of meditation and applied the lessons to stress reduction and conflict resolution in a twenty five year career working with aggressive adults

Drake’s work was created out of a need to ground and heal himself and a desire to help our shared community. We all have an instinct leading us toward fulfillment. It is a rhythm of living unique to us. This informs his approach and creates a unique conduit to Yoga and meditation practice.

Walk-ins welcome! You don't have to be an LHSC member or join this Meetup to attend. Don't be discouraged if there aren't many RSVPs; there are lots of folks who aren't on Meetup who will be there too!