LHSC Motivational Service with Christine Day


There will be a free workshop following the service at noon.

The Frequencies of Brilliance work was received in 1987 by Christine Day, (http://www.christinedayonline.com/) who was also given the information for Amanae, a form of hands-on, emotional release bodywork. Though Amanae has been available for some years, it is only since the year 1999 that Christine and, now, other practitioners have been offering the Frequencies of Brilliance work.

Basic to Frequencies of Brilliance is the assumption that, in addition to our existence within the physical body, each of us is also a Being of Light. This process connects us to that Light, allowing us to unfold and realize our Selves with less effort and struggle.

Frequencies of Brilliance is powerful energetic work that affects and alters the frequencies within our body; it alters the DNA, awakens, and activates dormant and new areas of the brain.

The actual work is done by activating specific energy doorways, which exist on and above the body. As the work is performed, all cells are awakened, both physically and spiritually. This process enables development, growth and healing on all levels.

A special focus of the Frequencies of Brilliance has been the repair and healing of the brain. Through the accessing of the energy doorways, the body - and especially the brain - receives an enhanced flow of oxygen, thus enabling the body to receive the Frequencies of Brilliance. Adults have received this work with wonderful results, but the most subtle and dramatic results have been achieved with children.

The Frequencies work has had dramatic results with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, learning disabilities, brain and head injuries, dyslexia, hyperactivity, delayed development, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer.

There will be pre-service live music by Barb Ryman (http://www.barbryman.com/).

Walk-ins welcome! You don't have to be an LHSC member or join this Meetup to attend. Don't be discouraged if there aren't many RSVPs; there are lots of folks who aren't on Meetup who will be there too!