Messages from the Universe and Quantum Energy with Laurie Wondra

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Messages from Angels, Guides and Loved ones in a gallery setting.

Laurie Wondra will deliver messages from angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over - sometimes even pets. Laurie takes questions and will give guidance and insight about the messages she delivers. She works with the angels, guides, and energy, allowing her to tap into knowledge from past life events and current situations and to receive insightful information. She will give pointers about raising your vibration frequency to connect more clearly with your intuition, plus how and why our energy is affected by the world around us. Laurie has the gift to see energy and can shift the energy around you by moving thread, ties or cording she sees. She'll discuss the vibrations of the planet, the universal energies, and some expectations of the coming planetary evolution and growth.

Though gifted with these abilities since birth, as a former Senior Information Technology Executive for 30+ years, Laurie brings real life experience to her clients. This is her passion and devotes her life to working with the energies of the universe. Her mission is to help others learn how to tap into these messages and use this information. She is the author of four books. She is a speaker at LHSC, a regular guest on WCCO and KFAI Radio in Minnesota, and has been highlighted on The Science of Magic Canada radio Show. Minnesota Business Magazine recognized her as an Inspiring Women in the article titled, 'She walks between Worlds.' She is the author of four books and an Oracle Deck, but she has also been profiled in numerous books, the most recent being Chasing Perfection - Shatter the Illusion in the chapter Intuition is Your Super Power. She has publications in Natural Awakenings, The Edge, and Fate Magazines. Current classes and retreats can be found on her website.

LHSC Sanctuary $20/No registration required