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Locksport International - Los Angeles, CA Meetup

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Learn about physical security, locks, and locking mechanisms. This month begins the 2011 Points Competition. It will run for the first 6 months of 2011 and is open to all attendees of the lockpicking meetings. I will be bringing a selection of my high security lock collection for everyone to look at, too. Competition rules and info:

How will it work?
The goal of the competition is to open as many competition locks as fast as you can. Points are awarded based on how fast you open a given lock. First place gets 10 points, second place 9, and so on. Everyone gets at least 1 point for opening a lock (in the event more than 10 people open it). At the end of the 6 months there are prizes and bragging rights for the people with the most points.

What are the rules?
1. Pick a lock from the competition case.
2. Get a stopwatch or use your own (must be the same model...Sportline something or other. Check with me at the meeting.)
3. Start the stopwatch and begin picking the lock.
4. When you get it open stop the stopwatch and show it to DG or JK. Make sure to leave it in the unlocked position or else you gotta pick it all over again.

* You can't reset the timer while picking the same lock until you open it. You need to switch locks or open your current lock to reset the timer.
* Some of these locks are HARD. They are meant to be challenging.
* If you want to know more about a particular lock's features just ask DG or JK.
* No shenanigans. Be nice to the locks.
* No disassembling the locks. If you think a lock is broken then give it to DG.
* No impressioning, bumping, or decoding attacks. ONLY traditional lockpicking. If you use a specialized tool you must make it available to everyone else.