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Lets meetup and present and discuss the issue of drinking-water flouridation.

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Water fluoridation by local government is an intrusive and nearly inescapable practice in forced medication with extremely toxic compounds.

It has been banned in Europe. Recently Harvard Medical School has published research linking it to brain damage and lowered IQ's. It has also been linked to cancer and thyroid problems.

While the government claims that they do this to decrease cavities; It has been shown that swallowing the fluorides gives no additional benefits over topical administration. Also natural non-toxic compounds are just as good or better than flourides in preventing cavities.

Putting flouride in drinking water is an unfair and unnecessarily dangerous and costly endeavor and needs to be reconsidered.

As responsible citizens and libertarians, it is our responsibility to discuss this issue and possibly investigate courses of action to combat this loving government mandated "service" that is payed for by the people who have to drink this concoction.

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