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Statewide Libertarian Nominating Convention

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I am proud to announce the Statewide Libertarian Nominating Convention, which will take place on June 1st, 2008, at the Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon. The Libertarian Party of Oregon has reserved the Rotary Centennial Pavilion for the occasion and will be hosting activities there throughout the day.

Nomination of the Party's Candidates will begin at 2 PM.

Keep your schedule open, though, and be ready to come early and stay late! The Convention Committee is putting together a great schedule of events that will be published in May, and will include entertainment and dining opportunities.

Your participation is vital. It is our duty, our honor, as Libertarians to offer voters something the Republicans and Democrats cannot.
We will offer voters a choice: candidates for public office who fight for freedom and liberty, who act responsibly and with integrity.
We cannot do without you, without your vote, without your candidacy, without your volunteer time, without your donations.

While the convention celebration is open to all lovers of liberty, state law limits voting for nominees to registered Libertarians who have not participated in the primary process for any other party.

Thank you for your time.

Joseph Cornwell
Vice-Chairman, Libertarian Party of Oregon

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