Special Drawing Session - Degas’ ballerina with Florence


Join us for a life drawing session inspired by Degas’ ballerinas. Throughout his entire career, Paris Opera was the central point of Degas’ art with more than half of his works depicting dancers. Although Degas was called "the painter of dancing girls”, he also portrayed the dancers in more private and behind-the-scenes moments. Interestingly, Degas’ passion lied in body movement and depicting the reality of modern life, rather than ballet as an art form itself.

During the session we will explore 3 spaces Degas met the dancers: the dance studio, the stage and foyer de la danse, a special room in Paris Opera, where rich men used to meet female dancers. Florence, an amazing female model, will play the ballerina for us.

The schedule:

5 poses x 2 minutes

4 poses x 5 minutes

2 poses x 10 minutes

Break 15 minutes

1 pose x 10 minutes

2 poses x 20 minutes

* We kindly ask everyone to RSVP. If for some reason you are unable to book your spot via the meetup website, please let us know in advance so we can add you to the participant list.