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Royal affair at Versailles - special drawing session (duo)

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Royal affair at Versailles - special drawing session (duo)


Once again we bring the splendour of the French court to life with a special drawing session featuring two female models. One playing a noble lady, long-married to a prince, and the other, a young servant, whose close friendship with the royal family blossomed into a love affair. When the wife discovers the deep secret of her husband, the drama unfolds. It’s a royal love affair exposed session! Please bring whatever art materials you're comfortable with. Below is a detailed schedule for the session:

5 poses x 5 minutes (duo)
2 poses x 10 minutes (duo)

Break 15 minutes

3 poses x 5 minutes (duo)
1 pose x 10 minutes (duo)
1 pose x 20 minutes (duo)

Picture: Madame de Maintenon, artist unknown

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