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There are unknowns, complexities and variables. Meet those who have experienced what you're experiencing and what you're yet to experience (if that's also the case).

This is not another "law of attraction" (LOA) group. LOA is a metaphor. Neither a "new-age" doctrine group! This is what every cell (DNA) in our body knows but which 'hell & heaven preachers' and 'greedy grabbers' use fear (perceived and real) to suppress ... and make us non-receptive to facts, realities and truth.

We meet not to prove anything but to explore and discuss - knowing that someone can manifest extraordinariness without necessarily knowing all the complexities and variables.

We inquire, share, reflect, introduce, learn, experience, acquire, unburden (heal) and celebrate. Experience is the proof for exploration. You don't need to believe someone else's experience - explore!

You might need a guide or tips. With your permission, you will find this group to be truth-seeking, truth-confirming and truth-manifesting.

Bring on topics (questions) and experiences that marvel, bother, confuse or burden you. They will be dissected (simplified) so that you can explain it to your self (cell). They may only need to be rephrased, classified or themed (whatever is required!). And for anyone who wants to prove something and anything, you're also welcome. Exploration has no boundary. Someone might call your attention to danger or blind-spot.

Tell and bring friends, spouse, family, neighbours, co-workers who are significant part of your life's journeys. You'll all have things to ponder over, witness... and have haha (discovery) moments.


Tags: awareness, mentorship, life coaching, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, knowledge, personality, unknown

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How are you achieving your goal - whatever that is?

WeWork Chancery Lane:

12 seats, RSVP promptly. The automatic gate at WeWork will request for any ID to let you in. 18:30 - 18:45: Intro by host 18:45 - 19:15 : Introductions 19:15 - 20:00: Speed referrals (match with mentor/coach) 20:00 - 20:30: Q&A - Way forward

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