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Not your father's lifestyle club, but then again, if he was around in the 60's, maybe it is!

There are dozens of different lifestyles that millions of people enjoy, like going to nude or topless beaches, resorts and clubs; or maybe to swinger, fetish, lingerie or sex toy parties and conventions; maybe tatoos and piercings are your thing; or maybe even the dark and mysterious world of BDSM, or dozens of other things that we are always told it is not acceptable to talk about in public. Then of course there is always the "have a few drinks and get naked in the hot tub option", which most of us baby boomers have enjoyed from time to time. LOL

In the world of lifestyle clubs, consider us the sampler platter! We'll bring you the menu items, you choose which ones you may want to partake in and which ones you just want to learn more about, the choice is always yours. If it's not your thing, then sit back, have a drink and enjoy the entertainment or leave if you aren't comfortable. You will have the comfort of being with people that have similar interests, so you don't have to feel awkward or intimidated about going to an event alone.

So, whether you're just curious and want to learn more about lifestyles, or are maybe thinking about exploring one, or have been in one for years, this just may be the group for you!

We promise lots of awesome trips and events that will stimulate all your senses and get you out of that same old routine you've been in for too many years now!

Photos are requested and appreciated, but not required. This is a private group, so only other members can see your photos.

You can adjust your profile settings so that others can't see the Meetup groups you belong to if you are concerned about that. I personally don't worry about that, I'm just living my life and having fun and will owe no one any apologies for that.

On that note, if a "friend" suddenly quits having anything to do with you because you joined a "lifestyles group", then they really weren't your friend to begin with, were they? A true friend would want you to be happy and would want to know more the group and why you joined, not judge you for joining. Tell them to "lighten up" and let them know it's all about fun, and maybe suggest that they live their life and you'll live your's.

All single ladies and couples are welcome and it is free for you to join.

A limited number of single men accepted upon paying a $50 one time initiation fee (must be paid within first 72 hours of joining or you will be dropped from group).

We reserve the right to remove any member at any time for any reason, including inappropriate or rude behavior. The women rule in this world, so guys if we get a complaint from a female member stating that you are harassing her, being overly aggressive, rude, or disrespectful, or displaying "stalker like behavior", we'll drop you from the group immediately with no questions asked and ban you from rejoining.

In other words, single guys if you want to be a member of this group, you need to:

Pay your $50 one time initiation fee immediately after joining,
Be respectful and courteous to everyone, especially the single ladies and couples,
Bring a lady friend to the parties if you want to pay the couples rates (prepaying the couples rate and showing up at the party alone will not work, so don't even try it),
Have fun and invite your friends to join also, especially the single ladies and couples.


Q ~ Why do singles guys have to pay and single ladies and couples don't?
A ~ See Number 2 below.
Because I say so.
Because in this world, women are the most valuable commodity, couples are the 2nd most valuable, and singles guys are a dime a dozen and can really irritate the hell out of the single ladies and couples.
Because someone has to help pay for the group's expenses, so it might as well be the guys. I can assure you have paid way more then my $50 worth just to get the group started.
If you had any idea how much fun everyone in the group is having, you wouldn't even be asking.

Q ~ What is the single most common complaint from members and potential new members?
A ~ Too many guys.

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