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Living in a time where human activities are imposing enormous costs on the Earth's climate and other life-support systems (loss of forests, fisheries, species, climatic stability), where the level of environmental destruction is very high and, in most cases, rising rapidly, where the expansion of human populations and, even more, economic activity are the main drivers of these momentous transformations, what or whom do you have faith in ? Do you believe in a God or some higher power that will help us get through this crisis ? Do you put your faith in science and technology, or our political leaders ? In the common sense of humanity ? In the young generation, who will fix all the problems we created for them ? In other life forms that may appear from space to help us ? Are you a skeptic or even a cynic, who does not have any faith at all ? What do you believe in and how do you practise this belief ?

Looking forward to hearing your personal views and experiences.