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Provocation and Political Correctness
Topic by Andrew Merlino Is Political Correctness necessary? Why does it exist? How much of it is necessary? Is it natural/inherent/instinc­tive for humans to be Politically Correct? In everyday life, is provocation or Political Incorrectness sometimes necessary to bring uncomfortable but necessary truths out into the open? When has provocation or being Politically Incorrect helped or hindered a situation in your life? When has being Politically Correct helped or hindered a situation in your life? Does the Politically Incorrect Provocateur have a necessary role in today’s hyper-PC society? Is he/she necessary to swing the PC pendulum back in the other direction to give it a chance of stabilising in the middle? Comedians are probably the most well-known and generally accepted types of provocateurs with the most license to bend or break the rules of PC, however in recent years some comedians have got into trouble for going too far with Politically Incorrect jokes. To what extent should we be restricting what jokes comedians tell and, more broadly, restricting free speech? Now that the original proponents of PC are middle-aged adults or older and largely dominate many aspects of ‘The Establishment’, is Political Incorrectness the new Counter-Culture? February 10, 2018 9:51 AM Please buy some food and/or drink as we get the room upstairs to ourselves. Please change your RSVP in time if you decide not to attend.

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    How can we live ethically in a society that promotes 'Rich Lists', yet forgets about the poor people in our neighbourhoods ? How can we live sustainable in a world where consumerism is closer to peoples hearts than compassion ?

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