What we're about

Learning, Ideas, Knowledge, Education (LIKE) is a Meetup Group for English-speakers in Prague to think, talk & learn about big ideas.

Meetups will generally involve workshops, lectures, and discussions intended to teach us about new things, engage our critical minds, and otherwise get us thinking.

If this fits your interests, please join our meetup group!

These meetups are organized or hosted by the coworking space, Locus Workspace (https://en.locusworkspace.cz/), or its members, and they often take place at Locus:
Slezská 45
Prague 3-Vinohrady
+420 735 773 125

Locus has two other Meetup.com groups that you might want to join:

• Locus: WORK BETTER in Prague (https://www.meetup.com/work-better-prague/) organizes meetups to help people work more effectively, successfully, and happily.

• Locus: FUN STUFF in Prague (https://www.meetup.com/fun-stuff-prague/) organizes meetups for location-independent professionals----remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, and scholars--who want to get to know other like-minded people and have some fun in the process.

Locus also organizes meetups only open to members of the coworking space:
These events will note be listed here, but you can find them on our event calendar (https://en.locusworkspace.cz/community/events/). Not a Locus member but want to participate in these members-only events? Consider a Virtual Membership (https://en.locusworkspace.cz/membership/#virtual) and get free or discounted admission to all Locus meetups.

Hope to see you at an upcoming meetup!

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