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Line Dance Class (Beginners Level Hosted By TRC With A Mix in Pearland)

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The Line Dance Q.
Line Dance Class (Beginners Level Hosted By TRC With A Mix in Pearland)


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For My Beginner Line Dance Class with a Mix. Bringing back this class for those who like fun, easy party starter line dances. Although any level may come to class, this class will go over line dance 101 before each class just to get the basics out the way. Workout in a fun way without thinking of it as a workout. Our Class is held at the Westside Event Center, 2150 Country Place Parkway, Pearland, TX 77584, 832-510-0422. Fee is $10 a class. Check-in 7:00pm, Class Starts at 7:15pm This class is 1 hour & 15 mins long.

***Please note due to health issues Cheryl Williams is on Medical Leave 3 members of The Royal Court Dance Team Dawn Williams, Tracy Taylor and KB Prince will carry on*** Please come out and support these Instructors.

No Advertising or Soliciting Allowed Period.

Everyone will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability to attend this class.

Will continue to follow rules regarding social distance and mask required.

I hope to see you all on Thursday’s.

Videotaping during class: Sometimes we do video tape our classes and place them on youtube or facebook. You will be notified if we are taping. At this time, you can move to the sides of the class and we will try our best to not get you in film. Just let us know in advance.

Class Rules-Also Regarding Children Under 12:

Class Rules will be strictly enforced with no exceptions to the rules below:

No videotaping class please.

Everyone MUST pay which includes visitors, friends, family ect. with no exceptions (we have to follow new rules given to us by the facility).

17yrs and younger will be $5. Please bring your student id for verification.

No loud distracting talk during instruction.

Please turn cell phones on vibrate and go out of the class room for phone calls.

Have Fun!!

Thank you

Photo of The Line Dance Queen's Workout and Social Group group
The Line Dance Queen's Workout and Social Group
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