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Every 3rd Friday of the month

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What is Linguacamp Friday?

It's a new series of monthly Linguacamp sessions in the spirit of Linguacamp, the first barcamp on innovation in language learning and teaching. "There is no audience only participants."

Is Linguacamp Friday for me?

• You love to learn and/or teach foreign languages or you create innovative language learning stuff or techniques and want to get feedback from open minded learners

• You like to exchange and share your knowledge and skills

• You have ideas, projects or questions about new ways of language learning & teaching, using technology, new media or any other means of learning languages

• You are willing to participate in new language experiences and give feedback to innovators, authors, course designers, teachers & trainers and edupreneurs

If you have at least 3 times "yes" Linguacamp Thursday is for you!

What is the schedule?

Part I (30 min)

19:00 - 19:30 Arrival, get to know each other & networking, session proposals

Part II (30 min)

19:30 - 20:00 Session 1

one or more participants do a session on topic 1 of the day

Break (15 min)

20:00 - 20:15 Networking & discussion

Part III (30 min)

20:15 - 20:45 Session 2

Wrap up

20:45 - 21:00 Feedback, networking, outlook

What are the languages used at the meetup?

• During our Tuesday sessions we use at least two of the three following languages: French, German, English

• Other languages , depending on the number of participants

• Participants of all mother tongues and levels are warmly welcome

• Session leaders are invited to provide their material, instructions in at least 2 languages (e.g. German and English)

What are the topics at LinguaCamp Berlin?

• New forms of foreign language learning, training and teaching
• Learning a second foreign language
• Use of new technologies and media
• Open Blended Language Learning
• Content development
• Other topics presented by the participants

Are there any session proposals yet?

Here are a few examples from the list of suggestions:
• Workshop: What is the best vocabulary learning app?
• Learning languages with impro theater
• Language learning using Audioboom, Soundcloud and Spreaker
• How to improve my tandem language learning?
• How to set up «Open Blended Language Learning»?
• How to publish my best language lesson?

Write your topic suggestions and requests in the comment section!

What is the cost to participate?

• Thanks to our sponsors, participation is free, but, as usual at Barcamps, there is a principle of give and take (ref. following)

How can I contribute?

• As a participant, you can engage yourself actively and constructively at the event, for example, by proposing to lead a session, by helping out at the reception or by introducing other participants

• You can tell others about the event, giving recommendations by word of mouth and via the Internet, before, during and after your Linguacamp Meetup

• You can share your impressions and results as much as possible over here on Meetup, on the Internet, using the keyword «LinguaCamp Meetup Berlin» or hashtag #lingcb

• You can recommend the event’s sponsors

Who are the sponsors?

• New sponsors are very welcome

Where can I find more about Linguacamp?

On one of our websites:

• (

• (

• (

• (

• (


Topic example - Idea #1: Language teaching & learning using low cost credit-card sized computer RaspberryPi (



Was ist der Linguacamp-Freitag?

Der Linguacamp-Donnerstag ist ein monatliches Treffen im Geiste des Linguacamps, dem ersten Barcamp zu neuen Formen des Fremdsprachen-Lernens, Lehrens & Trainings in Berlin. "Beim Linguacamp sind alle 'Teilgeber'"!


Wie läuft der Linguacamp-Freitag ab?

Teil I (30 min)

19:00 - 19:30 Ankunft der Teilgeber, Gegenseitiges Kennenlernen und Sessionvorstellungen

Teil II (30 min)

19:30 - 20:00 "Mini-Session 1" (Workshop, Präsentation, Diskussion o.ä.)

Pause (15 min)

20:00 - 20:15 Netzwerken

Teil III (30 min)

20:15 - 20:45 "Mini-Session 1" (Workshop, Präsentation, Diskussion o.ä.)


20:45 - 21:00 Feedback, Ausblick, Netzwerken

Was kann ich zum Treffen beitragen?

Als Teilnehmer bringe ich mich ein, indem ich konstruktives Feedback gebe oder eine eigene Session anbiete, oder beim Empfang und der Einweisung anderer Teilnehmer helfe

• Ich berichte anderen von der Veranstaltung vorher, währenddessen und danach

• Ich teile und verbreite meine Eindrücke und Ergebnisse möglichst übers Internet unter dem Stichwort «Linguacamp Berlin» oder dem Hashtag #lingcb

Mehr zur deutschen Version folgt in Kürze.

Happy Linguacamping! :: Frohes LinguaCampen!

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