English/German Exchange with Language Games

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Price: €3.00
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Learning English or German?

Come practice with us! Have a drink at the cozy T-Berlin tea shop, meet some new friends and participate in word games and other activities. Then, in the spirit of language exchange, switch tables and help someone learn your mother tongue! We try to always have native speakers at each table so you can ask questions and improve!

Already speak both languages fluently?
Come and meet interesting people from all over the world and enjoy a cultural exchange. If you are interested in being a regular volunteer, talk to Sherri!

Does it cost anything?
We ask for a donation of 3 Euros, and you should also buy a drink or two (like when you go to any cafe or bar) - they have beer, tea, soft drinks or try Duncan's signature "cockteas" (tea-infused cocktails)!

Why do you charge a fee?
Running a meetup isn't free, and takes a lot of time. Your 3 Euros goes towards: 1 Euro to the English facilitator, 1 Euro to the German facilitator, and 1 Euro to support the venue. We pay the Meetup subscription, buy new games and materials, and have professional language teachers keep their Thursday evenings free to help you improve your language skills. Thanks for your support!

Looking for a tandem partner?
If you are looking for a tandem partner, just write or reply to a message on the group's Message Board (http://www.meetup.com/LifeisBeautifulBERLIN/messages/boards/thread/39601582) and arrange to meet your potential partner at the conversation group. Sherri can also help with tips on making tandems work well.

What about food?
Yes, we now have food! Each Thursday we will have a different buffet option for those who want to grab dinner with us. 5,00 Euros gets you a plate. It's first-come, first-served until the food runs out, so come by at 7:30 if you want to eat with us!

To everyone:
Please click "RSVP" to reserve your spot if you can join us. This event is advertised in many places so don't only look at the number of people signed up here!

Hope you can join us!
-Sherri Williams, English language trainer
-Christian Reuter, German language trainer


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