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From Stress and Anxiety to Peace and Happiness: Online Course
7-day self-study course is designed to tame stress and anxiety naturally. After pre-course questionnaire, you will receive your supplements, essential oils and herbal tea with instructions on how to use them. During 7 days you will receive a daily email with the tools you will practice (yoga, breathing, meditation, essential oils, foods, visualization) and you will be supported via Facebook group. At the end of the week, you will fill out post-questionnaire to assess the changes you created in these 7 days and you will be treated to Aromatouch Massage that is known to improve mood, reduce stress and inflammation, and enhance immunity. You can learn more here: Please RSVP today to participate in September (this course repeats monthly). See you online!!! Olya

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Live Love Yoga brought to you by Olya & Julia

We all want to belong, to grow and to connect. Join us on this inward journey of self discovery, where we explore our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through yoga practice. Come to open your heart, restore, gently open your body, calm the mind, release tension, gain strength, and clarity, find stillness within, and get in touch with the real you.

When you join our community, you will be a part of like minded individuals who want this world to be a better place, with less fear and more love, with less judgement and more acceptance, with less expectations and more openness to share our gifts and talents.

You are unique and perfectly imperfect. We embrace that in ourselves and others. Yin & yang, Olya & Julia, let us be your guides on the journey of self exploration.

Yoga classes are always offered with modifications and variations to accommodate each and every individual practice. Practice may include meditation, inversions, back bends, and balancing poses where one always has the options to help spot your neighbor, to observe, and to take a child's pose to rest at any time. All levels are welcome. Come to find stillness in silence and feel some awesome poses held longer with attention to alignment and with hands-on assists designed to guide your body deeper into a pose.

Come to celebrate greater health, happiness, freedom and wisdom!

Om, Shanti, Peace

Olya & Julia

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