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What we’re about

***Update for August 2023.
Message from Kara…Due to personal/medical reasons/surgery. I will not be organising any events for 2023. At present, there are 2 new organisers who will re-start events for 2023. Introductions will follow soon. Thankyou to everyone who has remained in this group…I look forward to meeting you in the future***


This is a group for ladies who like to enjoy life, meet new people, have fun, socialise and generally live their lives to the fullest.
So get up, put your best jeans on, get out and about and start being more social. 
You may be new to the area, live or work in the city and would like to establish or expand your social circle whilst exploring all the wonderful city has to offer with some positive a full of life ladies.
If you are shy and maybe nervous about attending your first meetup, let me know and we'll be happy to meet you a bit earlier to help break the ice. So don't worry everyone has been in the same position too
All who request to join the group will need to be approved by an organizer this is to ensure you are a genuine person looking to socialise with our lovely members.
There is a small fee (usually) £1.50 for attendance to some events to be paid by all members when RSVP'ing which goes towards the running and meetup administration fees for the group. (This fee is refundable if an event is cancelled or date changed. 
This can be paid by Paypal to Paypal or card if you do not have a Paypal account 
Really looking forward to meeting you all very soon.