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Living On Purpose: Starting the Year with a Powerful Resolution and Resolve

Each year, we make a commitment to ourselves for ourselves: to change something. Or to give something up. Or maybe to start a new project, or learn something.

For most people, the coming year is going to be very important on many levels – financially, our relationships / interrelationships, and in our personal development.

And the New Year is a powerful time to create this change and prepare for the coming year. We can create the highest and most potent version of ourselves with a vision of who we have always known we were supposed to be.

When we live the life we were born to live: we tap into the powers of inspiration, will, dynamic energy and passion for living. We become unstoppable.

Sometimes is it hard to change: there are pressures from our lives: work, relationships, obligations, friends and society. Or habits that feel impossible to break. And sometimes, change feels more difficult than simply “suffering” the consequences of leaving things as they are. Or perhaps we need more will.

But there is knowledge about how to do this: it comes from ancient cultures and it’s been developed over centuries. It gives us a map showing us on how to make a plan and to harness energy to create stamina and power. We learn how to unleash inspiration, enthusiasm and self-confidence to help you maintain and follow through with all your goals!

This meetup will be a series of talks set to create the right environment to create a successful year – one of vision, commitment and exceptional results. We will study exactly what you need to get support for your success in the New Year.

The individual talks in the series will be:

1. Creating a program for a successful 2011 using real goals. And in the beginning of the New Year, doing a powerful practice to make them a reality.

2. A review of the past year: what worked, what didn’t and what you want see different in the upcoming year.

3. Understanding specific astrological aspects of the coming year and creating an individual program: what is our outlook and destiny for the year.

4. Picking and prioritizing our goals correctly so we are working with our power and essence to create the life we were born to live.

5. How to manifest more energy in our lives to make the changes possible: the secrets of Aharata – a special lineage of empowerment

6. How to protect what you’ve created in your life from stress, negative relationships, aggressive behaviors of others, pressure from people and the culture around us as well as how to work with ourselves to remove the obstacles to success: self-sabotage, low self-esteem, etc.

7. What will be the principles of financial success in the new coming year and how to use them in our lives: to maintain what we have gained and expanding our business or career!

The practice and program are simple but extremely effective– and doing them in the beginning of the new year – creates a preparation and intention for the coming year. When you start with an intention, empowered by knowledge, practice and support – you have all of the components to make your life more powerful, fulfilled and complete.

I hope you will join us on this remarkable journey of understanding our individual destiny and creating a toolbox of knowledge and practices to make it reality in the New Year!


Each has a minimum of 10 years full time teaching, and each brings a unique aspect of the knowledge to creating the plan of your perfect life.