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Canada Learning Code is one of the largest national charities championing digital literacy education. Working nation-wide and across all sectors to equip Canadians with technical skills. Come find out how to participate or mentor in our hands-on technology workshops for women!

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What started as a simple vision with Ladies Learning Code - to empower women to build technical skills - has grown with overwhelming community support into programs for all Canadians to learn how to build -- not just consume technology.

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We envision a prosperous Canada in which all people have the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of technology to achieve economic and personal fulfillment. We are champions for coding education in Canada, driving results through program design and delivery, strategic industry and public partnerships, research and advocacy.

Upcoming Workshops for 2019!

January 19th - Teachers Learning Code: An Introduction to Programming for the Classroom! Teaching kids to code is about more than just helping children understand the technology they are using and secure employment in the future. RSVP - http://bit.ly/TLCintroJan19 (https://t.co/8zifo6hFKB)

January 19th - Girls Learning Code: MakerDay! This day-long workshop will offer an introduction to various technology tools and teach girls to build projects using circuits, software and a little imagination! RSVP - http://bit.ly/glcMDjan19 (https://t.co/ufldoAAFPq)

January 26th - Ladies Learning Code: Pixlr for Beginners Workshop - Creating Your Personal Brand Package. New Year = New You? Try Pixlr - it can help with projects like cropping or resizing photos, creating logos for your blog, designing business cards, or more extensive design projects. RSVP - http://bit.ly/LLCJanBrand (https://t.co/Qn6wUKNYFX)

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34th Ladies Learning Code Victoria Meetup!

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Welcome to the Ladies Learning Code Victoria Meetup #34! In this Meetup you will: • Learn all about what we do, how workshops are set-up, hear from our instructors, volunteers and mentors and find out how to participate • Ask mentor/build Battlesnake night (Hosted by Dyspatch/Sendwithus). Battlesnake is a local tournament event based on the classic arcade game Snake https://www.battlesnake.io/ Battlesnake resources page: https://www.battlesnake.io/resources/ • Chat with other women in tech or who are interested in breaking into it! (Men are welcome, too! We just ask that you please invite a woman to join you learning code when you register for our workshops) Schedule 6:30pm - Doors 6:45pm - LLC opening remarks, discussions, ask a mentor/build Battlesnake night 8:30pm - LLC closing remarks More on Ladies Learning Code: Canada Learning Code designs, delivers, and partners on technology education for Canadians. Join the conversation: • Victoria - Facebook (facebook.com/learningcodeyyj), Twitter (twitter.com/learningcodeyyj) & (instagram.com/learningcodeyy) • LLC HQ - Facebook (facebook.com/canadalearningcode), Twitter (twitter.com/learningcode) & Instagram (instagram.com/learningcode) Register for the next LLC workshop on Eventbrite: An Introduction to Ruby for Beginners - February 23rd, 2019 - http://bit.ly/LLCrubyFeb

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Battlesnake Tutorial w/ Ladies Learning Code Victoria!

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