34th Ladies Learning Code Victoria Meetup!

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Sendwithus Office

737 Fort St · Victoria, bc

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Welcome to the Ladies Learning Code Victoria Meetup #34!

In this Meetup you will:

• Learn all about what we do, how workshops are set-up, hear from our instructors, volunteers and mentors and find out how to participate

• Ask mentor/build Battlesnake night (Hosted by Dyspatch/Sendwithus). Battlesnake is a local tournament event based on the classic arcade game Snake https://www.battlesnake.io/ Battlesnake resources page: https://www.battlesnake.io/resources/

• Chat with other women in tech or who are interested in breaking into it!

(Men are welcome, too! We just ask that you please invite a woman to join you learning code when you register for our workshops)

6:30pm - Doors
6:45pm - LLC opening remarks, discussions, ask a mentor/build Battlesnake night
8:30pm - LLC closing remarks

More on Ladies Learning Code: Canada Learning Code designs, delivers, and partners on technology education for Canadians.

Join the conversation:

• Victoria - Facebook (facebook.com/learningcodeyyj), Twitter (twitter.com/learningcodeyyj) & (instagram.com/learningcodeyy)

• LLC HQ - Facebook (facebook.com/canadalearningcode), Twitter (twitter.com/learningcode) & Instagram (instagram.com/learningcode)

Register for the next LLC workshop on Eventbrite:
An Introduction to Ruby for Beginners - February 23rd, 2019 - http://bit.ly/LLCrubyFeb