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Here you are, you find yourself in the suburbs and you don't know how you got here or if you'll ever leave. You've still got love for meeting people and Saturday nights, but you don't want to go all the way to D.C. for a good time. We've got this.

This group is for 20's and 30's working professionals in Montgomery County. At our events, if you do not impress with how lame and totally uninteresting you have become, you will have to fake it. At our events we will dance badly, stand around awkwardly, and generally save each other from crushing boredom we would otherwise feel sitting at home watching Netflix. Come out and share yourself with some new friends.

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Hiking for Synergy…with Integrated Interfacing!

Abner Cloud House

I am crowd-sourcing important young professionals to have a mission-critical hike along the C&O Canal. This will be a robust, ten-thousand-foot opportunity to move the needle. A value-added solution to your Saturday! Make it an action item! What: A hike followed by lunch at The Berliner, then a hike back. Where: We’ll start at the Abner Cloud House and hike to The Berliner. The Berliner is a German-inspired beer hall offering inexpensive food options like hot dogs, sausages, pretzels, and beer. It’s got a cool, industrial ambiance with friendly staff. Eat some schnitzel while you’re playing ping-pong. A great place for interfacing and breaking down silos! Distance: From the Abner House to The Berliner it will be a 2.4mi walking. We’ll have lunch at the Berliner, then circle back to the Abner House. In total it should be 4.8mi. The trail is flat. We're talking the Maryland side of the Potomac, not the Virginia side. Furry friends are welcomed to come synergize too! Just make sure to keep them on a leash. (Only service animals allowed inside the Berliner). Parking: Near where Canal Road and Reservoir Road dovetail, you will see the Abner Cloud House. It’s a big white, historic house. There will be a traffic light there, too. Look for the small road that branches off of Canal Road. I’ve attached a photo below. Follow that small road down to the Abner Cloud House. There will be a parking lot off to your left. Parking is free. Let’s get those boots on the ground!

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Sunday Night Bowling

Bowl America Gaithersburg

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